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The Computing Education Research group is a part of the Interdisciplinary Programme in Educational Technology. We work towards the need for systematic research and dissemination of evidence-based teaching-learning practices across various computing subjects.

We have designed interactive learning environments for various concepts and skills such as knowledge integration, software design skills and troubleshooting. These learning environments are grounded in computing courses such as data structures, software design and computer networks. We have also implemented several active learning strategies like Think-Pair-Share in programming and data structure classrooms. Results of the effectiveness of these learning environments and classroom strategies have been published in computing education conferences like ITiCSE, SIGCSE and ICER.

As part of our outreach, we have conducted workshops all across India and over 600 students have benefited from these workshops. We have also designed and run several Massively Open-Online Courses for computing such as Demystifying Networking on the Swayam platform and  Effective teaching-learning of CS in schools on the IITBombayX platform, with over 1500 students being certified in these courses.

If you want to know more about Computing Education Research, check this github gist by Prof. Amy Ko

You can check our introduction blog post to learn more about computing education research (CER) and our lab’s research efforts in CER.

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